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Wednesday, 7 February 2018

How can I use Reliance Jio Coin?What are its profits and lose?

February 07, 2018
How can I use Reliance Jio Coin?What are its profits and lose?

How can I use Reliance Jio Coin?What are its profits and lose?

 How to use Reliance Jio Coin?

Reliance Jio Telecome is ready to launch their own cryptocurrency like Bitcoin,that was names as Jio Coin.Akash Ambani,the elder son of Mukesh Ambani ,is working as the leader of the Reliance Jio Coin.A team of 50 young professionals membres prepared to work for this blockchain technology.

Bitcoin like cryptocurrency is becoming more popular in past few years.The youngsters are got more attracted by it.According to a survey,

In India more than 6 lakh active traders are there to trade cryptocurrency.And,about 25 lakh people in all over india are registered in 9 cryptocurrency exchanges.In that situation,Now the Reliance Jio Coin Is Really shocking.

 How to use Reliance Jio Coin?

Reliance Jio Coin Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is an exchangeble digital currency,that means this currency is not run or exchange by any nationalized or central bank.It is made only for operate and trade by computer networking programms.

A very popular example of this cryptocurrency are Bitcoin.In the same way Reliance Jio Coin will also going to  launch and will be computerized currency/virtual money,that should not be touched or seen,just you can use it.

How to use Reliance Jio Coin?

Reliance Jio Coin is a network based currency made for trade as a digital currency on the advanced mathematical formula,and it will kept in a digital wallet instead of your normal wallet.

This cryptocurrency will be open exchangable money.This digital currency should be stored on electronically.You can able to purchase any thing from Jio Coin like your normal money and will be acceptable by all the e-commerce websites.

You can also use jio coin to buy Flight ticket,Hotel Room,Electronics,Car or any thing you will buy can be paid through Jio Coin.

Benefits of Reliance Jio Coin

Today we are using Debit card/Credit Card as a medium of cashless digital money,but we have to pay tax and charge on it.But it should become free in the case of Jio Coin.

No extra tax will charge with the exchange of jio coin.For this reason,it will get more popularity.

Moreover,It is very Fast and secure too.It is to be note that like your credit card,jio coin also don't havr any credit limit.Nor it can be carried as cash or paper money. 

It can be traceable on all the trades of jio coin circulating in the country,but your personal identity should be secretly shaved and hidden.Same as bitcoin,It will also exchangble in whole over the world,and has no limit of it.

Difference between currency and cryptocurrency

All  thhe countries in thee world  has their own currency, to which they has given their name and its value.Every currency in the world has its name according to the country like in India we call money as Rupees,USA money is called Dollar etc.We can touch it,see it,and can be kept in our pocket,locker or wallet.

But cryptocurrency,is an internet based digital money that is virtual,that means we can't touch it or see it.The most popular example is Bitcoin.

Its value is also totally different in different countries according to the value of their currency.Just say,1 Bitcoin = $7,500 dollar,in the  same way Reliance Jio coin will also be calculated. 

Alert Related to Reliance Jio Coin

Reliance Jio Telecom has just announced about Jio Coin,but not given any further reports or information about it's launch and Coin India has just gives you an idea about the usage of jio coin in future.

But it is to be noted that on 24 december 2013,Reserve Bank Of India announced in a press conference that Virtual money should not be legal by goverment or RBI and they are full of risk.

After that in 2017 too RBI repeated the same alerts related to Cryptocurrency.

Jio Coin India will provide you all the updates from Reliance jio coin.We written in our last post about What is Jio Coin? and How can you buy Jio Coin?

If you want to know about that than read that for more queries and don't forget to give your review and questions in the comment Box.

Monday, 5 February 2018

Do you know how to buy jio coin?

February 05, 2018
Do you know how to buy jio coin?

Do you know how to buy jio coin? 

How to buy jio coin? What is the price of jio coin? when did jio coin launch ?

how to buy jio coin?

How to buy jio coin? 

We already discussed in my last post about what is jio coin?If you has not seen yet,just read for more information about jio coin.Jio coin is going to launch in India very soon by Reliance jio telecom.This project will lead by Akash Ambani,the chairman of Jio telecom industries.

Let say, Jio coin is officially not declared as cryptocurrency,So yet it is not clear that how to buy jio coin?

Now a days,many websites and apps claims that you can buy jio coin in their website or in buy jio in this application,But they all are fake websites and applicationa and don't believe on them.They claims to arrange jio coin for you,or they provide you something in the name of jio coin but don't get fool in their words.They all are fake.

Some days before,in an interview authority of Jio Coin Declared that,"We didn't launched any application or website yet.There is not any official app launched by the company.The apps available on the internet in the name of Jio Coin are all fake and don't believe in them".

Jio has appealed the public not to invest any money in this fake applications or websites.And Jio Telecom cummunication have no relation with these websites.

It is schocking that,Goverment and Reserve Bank of India had make an alert to public about cryptocurrencies.Before some days,Finance minister and RBI,both had declared that cryptocurrencies like bitcoin or any other are not accepted or legal by government and it should be dangerous,if you invest in this cryptocurrencies.Finance minister also declares that this is not a legal tender money by law and government is not liable in any case.

how to buy jio coin?
source:google images

How to buy Jio coin? easily and without risk

If you have any interest to buy jio can and you want to buy jio coin currency,than you just need to visit the official website of jio "Jio.Com",but you have to wait for it till jio should not officially declare about the jio coin.

The post is written just to inform you that when you search in google that how to buy jio coin? You will get lots of websites claiming that they help you in buying jio coin,or you can buy jio coin on their website.

But if i suggest you personally don't believe on such fake sites. Jio has no official website or apps yet,on jio coin and if they will launch it soon,They will provide proper knowledge,uses,benefits and many more related to jio coin before investing in all that cryptocurrencies.

So don't be too hurry to buy,and waste your money in cheat.Just keep calm and wait for my next post on Jio Coin.And don't forget share or comment on my post how to buy jio coin? to help your friends,relatives or other people by protecting them from cheat by these fake websites and apps.Thank you for reading

Sunday, 4 February 2018

What is Jio coin ?

February 04, 2018
What is Jio coin ?

What is jio coin??


What is jio coin? how to buy jio coin? when jio coin launch?

Do you know what is jio coin?Why jio coin is going in trends? I think you all heard about bitcoin cryptocurrency before how to make  money with bitcoin or any other cruptocurrrency. 

No one left a chance to invest in bitcoins who get some knowledge about it.many people know well how to invest in cryptocurrency and how to buy any cryptocurrency.

Now a days,some more are going popular like virtuall currency and traditional currency.And most companies are preparing to discover cryptocurrency blockchain technology.In the same way jio coin is also a cryptocurrency.

Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi,appreciated digital currency and acceptable,till people are able to showing more interest in cryptocurrency.

Indian telecom operator company Reliance jio also going to show interest in cryptocurrency, so  they decided to launch their own cryptocurrency.They named their cryptocurrency as Jio Coin,which will help people in digital payments.

In last sometime,Reliance jio had launced many products like jio phone,jioFi,jiodish etc and now they planned to launch their own cryptocurrency like jio coin.

This cryptocurrency is based on blockchain technology.If we talk about India Jio coin is going to be third cryptocurrency after Laxmicoin and Indicoin.

If you want to know more about what is bitcoin?than read this post till end.You are going to clear all your doubts related to Jio coin in this post.

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What is jio coin?

Jio coin is also a cryptocurrency like other cryptocurrency running and acceptable by the people and some companies.This currency is initiative of Akash Ambani,son of Mukesh ambani.Because he believes in future,and that's why cryptocurrency is going to be a medium of digital payments in future.

source:google images

It should be a good idea for future,as we already seen bitcoin become popular slowly whole over the world and people started showing their interest in it.He make a team of 50 members for jio coin.They are all masters in blockchain technology and also have many experiences in this field.They are trying their best to complete the project soon and become ready to launch.

In future,Reliance jio planned to launch too many products under the name of jio,and jio coin will be a medium of buying that products as a form of digital currency.

They planned to promote this coin with new offers of reliance jio telecom,So they already discussed this with Indian Government before the launch of this digital currency.

Akash Ambani will be the leader of this project.Experts said that this is best time to launch cryptocurrency because recently Ripple take second position in cryptocurrency ranking list.As we all know,Ripple is a very low-cost cryptocurrency and become popular between people in a very short period.

In the same way,we can think about jio coin too and profits from it.The best of Ripple was they promoted it mainly in asian countries,and mainly india was the best country for them.

In the same way,Rrliance jio also showes his believe in indian people and indian market. They wished that jio coin investment will also a beneficial investement in future like other products of Reliance jio.

Most of the indian people don't have any knowledge about Virtual Money,so it's a best time to promote cryptocurrency and provide people more knowledge about cryptocurrency and gain their interest to buy or invest in such digital currencies like Jio Coin.

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More about jio coin

In reality,Most people don't have any knowledge about cryptocurrencies,and they scare of buying and using it.In that situation,If jio coin will launch in the market that than people will start showing their interest in cryptocurrencies and they can take the advantages of these currencies.
Here,it will be intresting to see that how can jio coin will able to survive among indian people,and can able to reach it's height according to the dream of Akash Ambani.And if it will get success like Jio sim network and ther jio products,than It will bring revolution to digital currency market.It will also depends on the economy of India too.This will clear after launching Jio Coin.

So,we discuss a little about what is jio coin?.There is many more things to know about jio coin before it's launching and tips and tricks,that how to invest or buy jio coin after it's launch.I will write more about jio coin in my next posts.Hope you will enjoyed this post.Thank you